Back Online


Attention Webtoed Motoring Horde:

Following a hiatus of some years away from the digital sunlight, the old website (once the Club website's sorta trampy anything goes sister site) has heaved herself back up from the deep, cobwebs and all, and is currently being hosted on a new webserver. Restored from its last backup, all is pretty much just as it was back in Spring 2004, and if all goes well I may find time over the coming months to bathe and powder the saucy old trollop into some semblance of respectability and currency. And even if I don't, if nothing else, a lot of those cobwebby links of yore found throughout the Club's website over at might suddenly spring back to life from 404land, since a lot of the Club site's content was actually hosted over in "The Net."

Prodigal Bilgemaster Bill


Congratulations and pleased to see you back in the “fold”, Bilgey! I’d like to work with you over the next few weeks, as over the years I had killed many (certainly not all) of the dead links at

Keep those fins up!

--Larry, wemaster,

Midwest Amphicar

Worlds Largest Amphicar Destination
The new looking Club website must of got you going! Is there an open Amphicar balloon for "Gators Amphicar"
Later Gator