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Tommy's list of things to do in order to get an Amphi bacck on the road got me to thinking about the list of essential upgrades.* Here are my favorites, feel free to add your own.
1)* Optima spiral cell battery.* Never worry about battery acid leaking - ever.* Sits all year w/out going flat.
2)* Jabsco bilge pump.* The original Wilcox is for decorative purposes only.* Stop blowing fuses and actually pump water.
3)* Pertronix ignition.* Drop in replacement for pesky points.
4)* Gear reduction starter from* Drop in replacement for original junk.* More powerful, less energy draw, and infinitely more reliable.
5)* Brake pads from Gord Souter.* Stopping is a good thing.
6)* Resleeve your brake cylinders in stainless (Brake & Equipment, 445 NE Harrison St., Minneapolis, MN 55413 ph. 612-378-3141)
7) John Friese clutch kit
8) Rubber Grease/axle caps from cigarman!
I am sure there are others.* The above are what come to mind at the moment.

Tommy in Tampa

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Hi there Mike, I just unloaded the Blue '67 it has 462 miles it is a little dirty but there is a jewel under that crud.
Anyhow one of the first things I am going to upgrade is the steering box with one of those fine Steering box braces that are available.
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Canadian four amphs

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You all forget that I have been custom makeing Bearing Buddies for Amphicars since 2002 Todays technoligy for yesterdays cars
Rubber boots are fine but thats 60,s I just bought a lathe and now turn these down to fit Amphicars myself.Supper press fit no leaking or falling off. just give it a shot of greese with grees gun and your off. no taking wheels off to check greese in front hub.they come with a small intsruction tag.
all wheels should be totally taken apart and checked at least once a year.

#9. Drill inspection holes in frame to make sure there is no water , or rust crud setting in the Amphicar Frame.

#10. remope floor jack plates and install my new replacement plates to get that hidden rust out from behind them.

Canadian 4 Amphs