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  1. David Derer

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    What is the Amphicar multiplex on Ebay? Later Dave
  2. John Bevins

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    --- In, David Derer <dmd@e...> wrote:
    > What is the Amphicar multiplex on Ebay? Later Dave

    I did a translation (using software)...

    On the attic this was fun-mobilely again found. Some repair work is
    necessary, before it can drive again to water and to country. In the
    bug area a leakage is to be sealed, the passenger seat as well as the
    Accuabdeckung is missing. Additionally the marine propeller as well
    as the rudder are missing. An electrical motor and it are installed
    are attached a mechanical travel automatic controller as well as an
    engine change over switch. Thus few winter work, thereby one in the
    summer pleasure to has -----------------------------------------------
    ------------------------------- to 12.12.00 around 18:46:46 MEZ added
    the salesman the following information: To the model still 2 Servos
    are settled


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