Amphicar Milestone


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This past week marked a milestone for our family and our Amphicar. We marked the ten year anniversary of owning our Amphicar. I can still remember negotiating a purchase price from the 90 plus year old woman whose husband bought the car new in 63. One cannot count the memories or the fun we have had. Nor can we count the questions we have answered.And of course, the people we have met because of this special little car.

On another note we went to the huge car show and cruise night in the Wisconsin Dells. There were over 1500 cars. But only one Amphicar! Many curious people. Great fun. Only one bad thing happened, Friday as we were loading the trailer to leave, I decided to stick my finger in the ratchet tie down thing. So after a quick trip to the ER and six stitches later my finger tip was reattached and we were on our way.
Tim Wick