Amphicar Meets Skateboarder and Indian Guru



When one of those fancy, fast, prototype amphibious cars blew an engine and could not appear on a photo shoot, who did they call? Well, me for whatever reason. They decided to trade in the sexy watercar (see for a classic Amphicar. Tuesday my '64 red Amphicar was flatbedded to Lake Malibu in Agoura, CA where it was the star prop (no pun intended). Rob Dyrdek, world renowned skateboarder and star of MTV's reality series Rob Dyrdek's Fantasy Factory, met up with world famous Indian spiritualist Sri Sri Ravi Shankar. They, and two others, drove the car a few miles to an ice cream shop and returned to the lake for a tour on the water. They and work crew were all impressed. I suggested a giant splash in, but they declined because of all the electronic equipment they had installed. Episode should be out sometime this summer.

On a technical note, I took the car to Lake Hodges where it stalled in the parking lot (just after I bought my launch ticket) and refused to restart. This has happened before and it takes waiting 20-30 minutes for the engine to cool down before it will fire up. A helpful car enthusiast pulled the distributor cap off (with my permission) and the central metal element fell out. Fortunately it landed by a spark plug. Of course, he wasn't so lucky when he tried to reinstall the distributor cap. The central element fell out again and disappeared into the bilge. Surprisingly, auto parts stores were open on Easter. Not surprisingly, they did not have a Triumph Herald cap. But I did at home, so I made the 1.5 hour round trip back to the house in the chase car and picked up the distributor cap with wires of questionable service. Switched out the cap and the car started right up. Beautiful, peaceful trip around Lake Hodges came next. When I got home, on a whim I tried restarting the car and I was successful. So when the call came about using the car in the photo shoot, I was confident that it would perform well.

Yesterday, I vacuumed out the water, which was minimal. But in the bottom of the vacuum was a bolt I recognized as one holding the propeller shaft against the water tranny. Left propeller shaft had only one bolt and that one was loose. Could have been fun on Lake Malibu if the shaft had fallen off.

Maintaining an Amphicar - More time and dollars than one can image. Amphicar adventures - priceless.

Wishing everyone trouble free swimming and driving adventures.

Del Mar, CA
'64 red (soon to be famous, I SWIM 2)
'64 red (at least it runs a little, AMPHICR)
Thanks for sharing the adventure.
Sounds like something you might want to submit to "Wheels-n-Waves".
I bet other amphibians would enjoy it.