Amphicar-Lovers IMPORTANT ANNOUNCEMENT - we are moving in 1 WEEK!!


Mike Israel

Hello All,

As previously announced, the Amphicar-lovers forum/digest will soon
be migrating from Yahoogroups to a new home at www.amphicar770. com.
The targeted cut over date is SATURDAY, 12 JANUARY 2008. This FAQ is
intended to answer some common questions related to the migration,
what is changing, what you need to do, etc. This FAQ will be sent out
several times between now and the cut-over to ensure it is seen by as
many members as possible.

1. Why move from YahooGroup?

The amphicar-lovers migrated to YahooGroups in 2001. Previously it
was hosted on a now defunct service known as Listbox. Today, there
are 17,000 messages in the archives with approximately 500 members.

While Yahoo has served us well, it has its limitations. For example,
the files area for storing pictures, manuals, etc., has been filled
to capacity for many years. The procees for searching the archives is
slow and cumbersome. The process of sigining up or opting out with
Yahoo has always been confusing to folks and creates lots of work for
the admin (me). Our new service overcomes these limitations and
provides a platform to grow the community with new features such as
Photo Gallety, Chat Room, bolgs, etc.

2. Will I still be Able to Send/Receive Messages via Email?

Yes, you will. One of the features users like best about YahooGroups
is that they do not need to log into a forum web site everytime to
see new messages. For amphicarlovers I have modified the software to
accomodate the exact same functionality. Once your account is created
you can opt to receive all messages instantly (full text, not just
the title like on some forums). Registered users can post new
messages and reply via email as well.

To enable email instant delivery and reply just go to the top menu
item "User CP" - "Edit Forum Subscriptions" then select "instant
notificatication by email" or "Set All Instant". To disable it, just
click "unsubscribe" in any of the received email messages.

At this time we still do not have a full-content daily digest, only a
summary of messages daily digest. We are working on that.

3. What do I need to do?

You should register (create an account) at www.amphicar770. com as
soon as possible. This way you will not miss any messages.

4. Will my existing Yahoo ID and password work on the new site?

No, it will not. You need to register and create an account at
www.amphicar770. com While you may use the same ID name and password
as you have elsewhere, this is a completly seperate system from Yahoo.

5. Can I still search all of the old messages from the Yahoo Group?

Yes. Just prior to the cutover I will be transfering all of the old
messages to the new system. You will find that the new search
capability is much easier and faster than before. At the moment I
have migrated about 1 years worth for test purposes.

6. Will I still be able to use the old Yahoo Group.

On 12 January the existing YahooGroup will be closed to new posts and
new members. You will still be able to access what is there, you will
just not be able to update anything. Visitors will be directed to the
new site.

7. I see several categories of forums such as "General Amphi
Discussion", "For Sale", "IAOC Only". What gives?

It is always tricky determining the best way to set up buckets of
info. So that visitors can stay mostly in one place we have chose to
have only a few categories. We can add new categories in the future
if users ask for it. For example, should Gibbs Aquada owners want
their own area.

You will also see a "Testing Forum for New Users". This area is kind
of a junk bucket if you want to post something just to become
familiar with the site features. Test Forum messages do not get
delivered via email.

8. I signed up a while ago but forgot my password / userid. What
should I do?

If you enter the incorrect info, the error message will include
a "click here to reset" link. Just enter the email address you
registered with.

9. The Amphcar-Lovers Forum has been a valuable resource for me. How
can I help?

Glad you asked!! Yes, there are many hundred dollars invested in the
software, hosting, etc. invested here. Several hundred hours of labor
on top of that. There are two ways you can help.

- There is a "Donate" button at www.amphicar770. com where you may
make a Paypal contribution to the site in any amount. Contributions
go toward site expenses. Even small donations are greatly appreciated.
- You will notice Google Ads throughout the site. Each time you click
on one of these, a few pennies are directed this way. You do not need
to buy anything, just visit the ad sponsors and see what they have to
offer. A BIG thank you to those who have contributed thus far, names
are posted on the site.

10. I have other questions not addressed here?
Just drop me a note at amphicar770@
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