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I stock the 4 main colours interiors came in.
Red/white for white cars...Grey/white for Red cars...Yellow/white for blue cars and Tangerine/white for green cars some call it Apricote.They can be custom made in any colour. Many do blue cars in Blue/white (see picture, note plastic on rear seat to keep kids dirty hands off) and My green car has a Tan interior.An extra I can do is to put a crest on the rear seat.
In all but the grey kits the door tops are heat shrink seams like original. the pouches look like new is suppose to look,and all 6 panels are ready for you to install clips and snap on doors etc.. The rear seat back rest is all made up and ready to just drop in.You have to have rear seat bottom and front seats ready for the cover material.Comes with full instructions,material for rear side humps and caps,6 finished panels,rear finished backrest,rear bottom material for spring seat(Let me know if yours is a floater type bottom, it is not in std kit but can be substituted) and covers for front seat(3 pc)
Over 150 kits sold since 2001.lots of pictures.Kits are kept in FL.(winters)
Base kit is $1500.00 plus shipping. extras.. crest=$50.00,, door clips are $1.00 each to replace them all you need about 50.
I also make matching tonna boot covers in white /black or whatever for $160.00. These have a good amount of stretch so you can stuff your life jackets etc under them.
Also stock White and Black convertible roofs with velcro sides instead of Zippers(that rip tops)for $575.00.Custom colours and materials are available at extra cost


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