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I am a bit puzzled. Ihad occasion to callHagerty Insurance with whom I am insured and soI mentioned to them that I had "heard" via the Amphicar internet group that they were nowimposing mileage limitations of 100 mileson some policies. The girl with whom I spoke, who did not sound as if she were new with the company, said that Hagerty did not impose mileage limitations on the antique cars and in fact, just, the opposite, encouraged the owners to drive them and enjoy them. I personally talked with Frank and Louise Hagerty at Mount Dora a while back and discussed that very subject, as I still contemplate the possibility of takingour 1948 Ford "Woodie" withour antique Airstream Trailer on a cross country journey.

I and many others are insured with Hagerty and strongly recommend them as you can tell by reading the posts from other satisfied Hagerty insureds. I would suggest anyone considering taking out insurance with them ask direct questions relative to this matter. I know many of us would be interested in what you might come up with to either refute or corroborate the the information that has been put forth and lay the matter to rest. One of the ways Hagerty differed with some other insurers was that they insured each vehicle for an "agreed value." I have heard stories of depreciated values being used especially in the case of a total loss or if the vehicle was stolen.

The 100 mile limitation (not on an Amphicar) to which I refer was mentioned by edb_us@hotmail.comabout 10 days ago on this website.

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I may have mentioned that I added another vehicle to my hagerty policy just a
few weeks ago. No mileage limitation stated or implied.

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<font size="4">I received a call from Haggerty Insurance yesterday. I was very glad to talk to Rob from Haggerty's. It seems that the first quote I received was way over-priced. Instead of a price of $596 plus $40 for marine insurance ($40,000 coverage) Rob told me it would be only $276. If I hadn't told him that the price was too high he wouldn't have checked the quote I originally received.</font>
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<font size="4">SO, if anyone is looking for a quote from Haggerty make sure you ask to speak to Rob at EX 8718. (800-762-2628) Rob is the Amphicar expert at Haggerty. </font>
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<font size="4">I still want to talk to State Farm before I make a final decision. </font>
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