Amphicar Insurance needed in Canada

Jacques B.


I need some help to get my Amphicar insured here in Canada - Quebec. Anybody knows a company that will insure my amphi (cover it on land and water) with a good price ?

Thanks !

Jacques B.
White 67 Amphi with blue waves.


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If Hagerty writes coverage in CND, I would highly recommend them. They did very well for me after the crash

Jacques B.

Hello Herb,

Thanks for the advice. I contacted Hagerty, but they'll start doing business here in quebec only next year.

Just to have one idea of prices, for how much you got your car insured ? How much was the cost for the insurance ? Its a full coverage, right ? It covers the amphi on land and water ? I'm still looking for a company to do the insurance, so far I got only RPB that accepts insure my car only on land (they are still working to give me a quote).


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A great magazine in Canada is Old Autos(print twice a month)Ron T made front cover of section 2 July 1st addition.about the London, Fleetwood country cruizin , web is (
Silver wheels advertises in there paper along with 100s of other supplyers ,local events etc,
anyway For Quebec it say to contact...ROCHEFORT,PERRON,BILLETT ASSOCIES INC. 1800 363-5166 or 450-373-1545
I use silver wheels for all my ond cars, They need a Appraisal every 5 years, and insure on that agreed value. at a very resonable cost.
I asked about water coverage and they said yes but I do not have in in writeing.
I insure all my old cars for less than my family car and truck.

Jacques B.

Thanks Gord ! I'm waiting for a quote from the Silver wheels rep here in quebec, lets see. Only con is that they told me no coverage on water, but so far the only one that accepted my car.

Still searching...