Amphicar Harbor Revived


Mike Israel

Thanks to those who pointed out that my Amphicar Harbor web site had gone belly up. Seems that my web-host's renewal notices were going to my old e-mail address. It is now running once again at

I would like to bring the buyers FAQ up to date. If anyone has any ideas for inclusion based on their own experience please let me know. I imagine that some of our multi-Amphi owners have learned what to look for when buying. Also, if you have bought or sold an Amphi in the last year please provide me with a brief description of condition, mileage, and sale price so that I may update that part of the FAQ (I will leave out buyer/seller names if you wish).

Someone recently asked about a handout to give to the adoring throngs, (thats throngs Amphipoda, not thongs), that surround the Amphi much like a movie star. I keep several copies of this piece in my glove box, feel free to use it:

One of these years I plan to update the site and get rid of the Frames. I have also collected a bunch of Aerocar literature which I want to create a link for. To me the only thing more intriguing than a car that swims is one that flies. Unfortunately, given that there are less than 6 existing Aerocars in the world I doubt I will ever ride in one, let alone own one.


Mike Israel
65 Amphi (white)
Amphi digest admin

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