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Countdown Clock to Amphicar Forums Shutdown


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The amphicar forum was created 22 years ago to address what was, at the time, a paucity of Amphicar information to be found. It's been a great run, but I think it is nearing the end.

Time and technology have both moved on. People now rely on platforms like Facebook in lieu of forums like this one. Activity here was once extremely busy on a daily basis. Currently there are more single day postings in the Facebook group than we see here in a month. Google search now deprioritzes forums in favor of commercial businesses. Ten years ago, this site was in the top 3 for a search on Amphicar, now it is buried on page 30. This means new users can not even find it. I do not have the resources to compete with Mark Zuckerberg!

Costs have risen as contributing members have declined. Still, that is a minor issue compared to the overall decline in active members.

I am going to keep it running for the next year out of respect and thanks to all those who have contributed to and supported this effort over the last 21 years.

I shall try to move the archives of info somewhere. In the past I have been contacted by some of the big automotive forum sites to take it over as a sub-forum I will see if they are still interested.

It's been a fun run, and a labor of love. I've made many great friends, and also a few haters. Thanks to the former. To the later, I no longer care why you are teed off.

I shall put up a countdown timer shortly and will keep you posted. It is sad, but forums have jumped the shark, this one is no exception. Who knows, maybe I can convince myself to start using Facebook, but probably not!
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Ken Chambers

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Everything has a life cycle and we're witnessing it here. I found this forum to be tremendously helpful, informative and entertaining over the years. The early days of high traffic postings were great fun and inspiring as an Amphicar owner. I've wondered for a quite some time now just where has everyone gone? You seem to have answered it. It's disappointing to me that a lot of the traffic has moved over to Facebook since I don't do that.

Thank you again for all you've done for our wonderful little Amphicar community. I'll be sticking with you for as long you continue hosting this forum. Hoping it will continue in some form as well as the wealth of technical information buried in the archives.

All the best.


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Thanks Ken. The statistics speak for themselves. Postings took a precipitous drop starting late 2019, probably when some if the Amphicar Facebook groups started up.

Watch "The Social Dilemna" on Netflix if you want to understand how Facebook uses your personal data. Nonetheless, that has become the new platform of choice for most people. The sharing of detailed technical knowledge and expertise has been usurped by ad sponsored selfies.


Here is another discussion about all of the once thriving automotive forums killed off by Facebook.
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Mike, thanks for all you have done with archiving the Amphicar information for many years. You have donated many hours and dollars toward this forum, and I must say I am shocked you have continued this long. Not looking forward to the ads and spammers.
Thanks, Mike. We appreciate your stewardship over the years. The forum has provided much useful information, and a nice community for all of us. I'll be sorry to see the forum go (I'm not a fan of Facebook).

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Hopefully you are healed. Looking through some old,what memories. Everything you say is true.
I wonder if a "best of" printed would be fun.
Lots of water over the dam since you started. If you ever need a Florida vacation our door will always be open you.
Thank you!


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Thank you for all you have done Mike. Your efforts were very helpful and appreciated by many, including myself.