Amphicar Forum - System Update Underway

Countdown Clock to Amphicar Forums Shutdown


Amphicar Forum Admin
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Hi All,

Over he next day or so I will be migrating the Amphicar forums to a new hosting provider that focuses exclusively on hosting Xenforo forums (Xenforo is the underlying software we run). This should eliminate some of the error and access issues hat occur from time to time.

Please note that during this transition, availability of the forums may be sporadic and/or you may not be able to access at all. Once moved, everything needs to be tested and the DNS entries have to propagate across the internet. Likewise, there is a possibility that some postings in the next 24 hours are so could vanish due to timing of the switch. I thought about turning off new posts while migrating but the volume is low enough that any lost messages should be minimal.

Will let you know when the move is complete. As always, the forums remain free but it is the contributions from many of our members that make these upgrades possible.




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Thanks Mike, as all have commented above your efforts have been very appreciated, and I’m pleased we can keep this forum alive. The best to you and yours,
john Lambert