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I have the moulds to make most of the Amphicar out of fiberglass, , Doors, 101_5477.JPG
Fenders, GR. install rear fenders 006.jpg Rockers.Hoods,Engine pods,Floors! Trailers 2 006.JPG inner rear fenders, inner fronts, you name it
I also make parts out of metal. I have a metal skins for front hood, Front end and parts 008.JPG the inner rear fenders, the area under batteries and mufflers.

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The making of a Fiberglass front hood... Inner part and what you will see when hood is raised.Johns fenders on 007.JPGJohns fenders on 008.JPGJohns fenders on 008.JPG
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I lost my Fiberglass Man Last year to heath /age problems So I picked up the moulds and gave it a try myself. After a few opps/that won't due , I got it right - and made these AMPHICAR door bottoms,rockers/Radio delete/ rear seat chips. You can see the orange door moulds off to the side.Ramp and Fiberglass parts 003.JPG


  • Ramp and Fiberglass parts 004.JPG
    Ramp and Fiberglass parts 004.JPG
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  • Ramp and Fiberglass parts 005.JPG
    Ramp and Fiberglass parts 005.JPG
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  • Ramp and Fiberglass parts 006.JPG
    Ramp and Fiberglass parts 006.JPG
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Those look very nice!

Good news is that more panels are going to be available in the future as our cars continue to need them.
Additional supply will keep prices affordable so a door skin does not cost $500.

Great job Gord!