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I've had this photo for years and was just looking at it and noticed something odd. European front marker lights and left hand drive. I thought it might have been a reversed image but I see the fuse box where it should be on the left side and the clock in the back ground looks to be correct. Anyone else seen this and have any thoughts?


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Amphicars near the end were made to stay in Europe.Europe was Left hand Drive. it is only England and Ausrailia that were Right hand.
These front turn signals (I have a new set) are clear on the bottom and Amber on the top.Made by Hella and had a 18w finger type blub in amber and a 3w finger type in the clear.
note also in picture the top frames are a light clour(usually Grey)In the racks are the heater blow hoses.on these late production cars shown they heater is to be beside the gas tank and the hose runs behind the tank.. In next rack is the heat/soundproofing material.
In the next row behind the racks the cars are facing the other way and have there conv. tops on , and on there wheels, no tracks.
Note the very specal safty shoes the closest worker is wearing!
The club sent this photo out a few years back as the yearly gift,, The one I have is 11 by 14 inches.Ben from the Neatherlands sent me a bunch of Movie promo pics from a old show made over that way in the past.Remind me to bring them to Cellina.


This photo is about 8 x 10 in size. There is another that Gordons sells that looks down on the factory floor. Anyone have that photo? Wondering if it's larger size has the same resolution as this one.