Amphicar Enthusiast has passed away


Marc Schlemmer

The following email came to me that I thought I'd pass along.....
Many of you knew of this Amphicar lover and Club member.

Marc Schlemmer.

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Subject: Amphicar Enthusiast has passed away

Dear Marc,

I just wanted to pass a note along to you. My father Dennis M. Drake passed
away unexpectedly on July 1, 2000, he was 57. He is the 8th person
in your members area with the ISWIM license plate from New Hampshire. My
Dad loved cars and cherished his Amphicars. He had two (a right hand drive
as well), the other ISWIM2 (also NH) and at least one parts car. He was
also an avid collector of all things Amphicar. I still have a tremendous
amount of material, information (and even some parts), including a rare
model (different from the models shown on one of these websites). He even
has a picture of President Johnson in an Amphicar. At this point I am
holding on to all of his materials. I hope to be able to create a website
will all of his information. Before his death he was even working on a
about the Amphicar.

I just wanted to pass this information along to you. I know he had
correspondence with some Amphicar owners, so I wanted to let you know. In
addition (and I am not sure how many Amphi-owners he had made acquaintance
with), we are starting a foundation in his name for a number of charities.
If anyone wishes to donate they can do so through the following:

Dennis M. Drake Memorial Fund
c/o Citizens Bank
122 Northeastern Blvd.
Nashua NH 03062

Thank you very much and best regards,

Stephen D. Drake