Amphicar Door Repairs



Hello Everyone!

I'm looking for some guidance as I work to restore a '66 Red
Amphicar. After rescuing the car from a salvage yard, I finally have
it up and running mechanically (it purrs like a kitten!). I'm
starting to work on the body restoration and wanted to get a few
opinions on the door skins. Here is a photo of my left door:

Having never reskinned a door, I'm wondering if something like this
warrants an entirely new skin (like the lower half from Gordon's
Imports) or if I should get a welder to just fix the bottom few
inches (if that's possible)? I would like to do a full metal
restoration (if possible) to increase the car's value, but I'm
wondering if I have to replace the full skin or if I can just replace
the bottom part. The right door is similar, but dented in a bit more.

Any specific suggestions for what I should do would be greatly

Thanks for your help!

Charles Lewis

'67 Red and '66 Red