Amphicar color poll



FYI ? the IAOC database shows there are
currently 318 members registered for 2005,
their color distribution is as follows;

Red = 108
White = 62
Blue = 51
Green = 42
Not stated or other (like yellow) = 55

Another query I did of all IAOC members
(currently registered or not) shows 731
total, their color distribution goes like

Red = 155
White = 105
Blue = 71
Green = 51
Not stated or other (like yellow) = 369

On the surface there appears to be some
interesting trends and parallels with the
above data and the poll currently underway
in the Yahoo Amphicar-Lovers Polls page:

I'll leave the data analysis to the experts
and look forward to reading any conclusions
found, guesstimated, fabricated, or otherwise

Obvious disclaimers: Colors may or may not
be original factory color, Amphicars change
hands so some are likely listed more than
once, all data is subject to interpretation,
numbers don't lie but liars use numbers.

Be well, swim safe.
Amphicars thrive in 2005!