Amphicar Clock,Speedo and Guages, Decal set


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All 3 round decals for clock speedo and cluster, plus the 2 guage units for fuel and temp.
An exact copy with all the fine print,done in a mat finish and covered with clear same as Car wrap.,
easy peal self stick with detailed intructions to install. If you were good with modle cars and planes you can do this!Photo shows a new cluster beside a new speedo. and the decal kits below.(colour fade is in the pic, not the decals)
Centre of guages never fade so it is carefully taken off, decal installed then glued back on.
Pic 3 shows a original clock face beside decals.
Price is $45.00 including mail.Send cheque to GORD SOUTER100_2834.JPG


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Just did this cluster for Ron, a heat gun is used to get the decal to form to the shape. It takes some work
and a good knife is needed to cut out holes and slots.
I was able to find and orange LED lights but had to use the std, blue lens over again, It is for High beam indicator and you really do not want that one too bright anyway.
the pic did not come out to good but you get the idea, ,Really inproves the look of the dash!
Only a few decals left as alot were in trailer that was stold!

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Can these be ordered with different colors? Like Yellow back ground? What do you charge for installation? Dave


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To make one "off "would cost alot! as printer does them in volume
To decal it is very labour intensive. each guage will take you about one evening,
If someone was to send me a cluster, or speedo or clock I would charge about $100 each plus the kit.