Amphicar Calendar Appeal-- URGENT!

Discussion in 'General Amphicar Discussion' started by Bill Connelly, Nov 29, 2000.

  1. Bill Connelly


    Will the owner of the "Red Amphicar from California with Dilbert in it"
    please give Randy a call ASAP at 609-625-9687. She would like to feature
    that photo in the 2001 Amphicar Calendar as a "photo of the month", but
    desperately needs more details to do so. Please call her now if you want be
    a Bronzed Calendar God and the worldwide monthlong object of lustful
    amphibian thoughts!

    Randy asked me to post this to the List on her behalf, since she's
    apparently having some email server problems again -- sounds like it could
    be a diskspace logjam owing to the amount of photos she's been sent
    recently. Fact is, even when it DOES work Randy doesn't really read her
    email all that often. So listen up folks: if you want to order the 2001
    Amphicar Calendar DO NOT email Randy about it. Instead, simply go to, print out the order form and
    mail it to her together with a check. What could be easier?


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