Amphicar Boat Sticker/Plate



A while back there was a discussion about someone making a sticker or plate,
stating that the Amphicar is equipped with a 9.9 HP engine. Is that still
in the works? If it hasn't been finalized then I'd like to add a line
stating that it is at least a "5 passenger boat". I realize that it may be
over loaded with five adults but there are times that both of my kids would
like to bring a friend each. I'd just like to have something to point to
incase the water patrol stops me.

BTW, I installed a depth/fish finder with speed control and the fastest I
can go in the water is 4.1 MPH. This is with a newly rebuilt engine. On
land the car is much more responsive and even has a slight acceleration in
fourth gear up an exit ramp that is four levels high. Any suggestions would
be welcomed.

-- Warren
'66 White "FLOATS"