Amphicar Archive CD


Marc Schlemmer

I want to mention to all the Club Members to take an extra look at the
Classifieds on Page 6 of the latest issue of the Club newsletter. Allen
Heath has an ad in there for an Amphicar Archive CD. I had the opportunity
to get a test drive of a draft copy of one of these CD's, and I must
say..."WOW....what a great job!". What Al has done is taken most of the
Amphicar web pages out there on the Internet, including the complete
searchable archives of all the postings to this discussion group, and put
them onto one CD. You might say, "Gee, why would I need that...I have the
Internet?". Well, to be honest with you, the same thought crossed through
my mind...but after checking it out, it really is great. What it does for
you is lets you have the entire Amphicar Internet all on your local
computer - that means no connecting to the web - and no waiting for
downloads! There are tons of Amphicar photos and information out there on
the web, but would take forever to get to and load each page. With Al's CD,
they just pop up on your screen! Plus, he has a nice clickable index page
that skips all the garbage that you have to wade through while surfing the
Another great use for one of these CD's is for people who have a computer
but are not Internet users. They get the entire Amphicar Internet on their
computer without being connected!
Consider ordering one of these from Al for your Amphicar collection. Years
from now you'll be glad you have it!
Marc Schlemmer.


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> I want to mention to all the Club Members to take an extra
> look at the Classifieds .....

Its about 1/2 through the offering period for the
Amphicar Archive CD for February 2002. Even with
Marc Schlemmer's recommendation (post # 4372) on
March 3rd, and Amphipoda's endorsement (at the end
of post # 4487 of March 18th), some of you may
wonder what is on this CD and would it be useful?
Well, to answer the first question, I've put the
three major table of contents pages up on the web
so you can see a partial listing of what is on the
CD. No, I can't put the CD contents up there as
it contains over 702,600,000 bytes and over 23,000
files. But you can at least see some of the top
level subjects. To view the sample
table of contents pages, simply visit:

Remember, all the links aren't active in the web sample,
but there are 3 contents pages shown for info purposes,
so check out this overview and the 3 contents pages. And
remember still, there is more stuff in the lower layers...

Only you can answer the second question of worth to
you, but to quote A~Poda's initial response to the CD:

Un-friggin-believable! How'd ya do that?
I spent the better part of 4 hours browsing
thru that CD and realized I only scratched
the surface. Bloodly amazing how much good
stuff you crammed onto that piece of plastic.

I will have to thank Doug Parsons for making the initial
post (#3862 on December 29, 2001) that started me thinking
about how to save this stuff for future use because some
things disappear from the web from time to time as people
and organizations update their sites.

Al Heath