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Having just returned from Europe, I have found the supplier of the much famed
1/43 scale Amphicar model in resin, LHD only. The good news is that the model
is available as a kit, so I ordered one and will have it built by Christmas,
painted with the same paint as my full size Amphi restoration. I looked at
the various models for sale on the net, and couldn't afford the fully
assembled and painted version from Germany so I was very pleased to find this
kit. There are only 20 parts to the kit so it won't take too long to make up.
I am not selling the kits but am happy to email the contact information of
the supplier to any member who wants to contact me directly. I will not get
any commission for any sales that occur but I thought some of you maybe
interested in getting the model. I paid $42.50 for the kit. Anyone interested
in the information contact me directly at

Best regards,
Paul Senior

64 RHD Amphicar finishing restoration,car in the UK (Lake Windermere) me
Amphicarless in the California !

Response to the information I gave on this kit. Last week nine people
contacted me directly asking for this suppliers information. I hope that you
all enjoy making the kit and that the supplier can ship the model kits soon.
Somebodies' have got a lucky partner who reads these emails and no doubt will
be filling their stocking this year with a model amphicar !

Best regards,
Paul Senior
64 RHD S/N 200021 Amphicar finishing restoration,car in the UK me
Amphicarless in the US !