Well, last eve I took my newly graduated nephew with me to drive the
Amphi home from her final buff and touchup. I went over all the usual
stuff on driving the Amphi with him. He is a good kid and deserves to
be one of the 1st to drive her in many years (even before I get to!)

All went well for the 1st 25 or so miles. Then about 2 miles from my
house (I could actually see it from where we were) She decided that
this was far enough and died. After some investigating, I determined
that she was without the spark of life. So the tow rope was fished
out of the truck. George (nephew) was quite the trooper. It started
to rain pretty good. The amphi has windshield and no wipers, or side
glass so it was wet and cold. We got her home and in the garage
safely. Tonight I will look at what is the problem and get her alive

So the Amphi finally got wet! She did look good with the water beaded
up on the nice smooth and shiny paint. As a side note, I woke up to
3" of wet snow too!

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