Amphibious prototype for sale


Marc Schlemmer

This came in from Paul amphibious prototype for sale.
Photos are uploaded to the "Photos" section of the Yahoo eGroups site under
the Album titled "For Sale".
Paul might know how to contact the seller. He is at

Marc Schlemmer.

Subject: Amphibious prototype for sale

Attached are pictures of the amphibious prototype that is for sale in Port
Huron. Uses GM C/K (1/2 ton) 4WD front axles on all four corners for true
all wheel steer - will move sideways. Rear engine, jet drive is the
propulsion device. Pontoons retract into the water into regular water
pontoon mode and the axles dis-engage and tires are then horizontal.

Only in water once - speed in water is TBD. Really an untried commodity
(this is the major point and bottom line). Good test bed for future
development work. Retractable pontoon design looked to be functional and
probably the best engineering design of the whole rig. Some of the flat
belt drive pulleys looked a little weak but all work done was pretty
professional looking. Vehicle is all stainless. It is heavy and I think
even with dual jet drives in the pontoon, I wonder how fast it would go,
powered by the 140 hp V-6.

Could not get a price out of the owner but I think she is motivated to move
it. I think $3-4,000 cash would buy it (just my guess). Would be fun to
play with if some one had the time and space (as long as a Suburban, maybe
a little longer). Most of the hard engineering and development is done - I
would say it is 95% done and just needs testing and further development

FYI only - thanks to Chuck (Tazman) for taking pic's.