Amphibious Jeep


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I rather like this thing more than the many other "dream" amphibians that have been done before. At least it looks rather like an identifiable car, if you can call a jeep CJ8 a car. Their website shows that it's made of fiberglass, rather than a converted Jeep and it has lots of floatation built in. It's designed to accept the many aftermarket items done for the Jeep CJ8, which is kind of a nice idea. Of course they still haven't overcome the regulatory hurdles that in many, if not most, states keep it from being registered. When you look at the company video of the car in action it clearly is aimed at the folks whose first question is "how fast does it go". Still, it's appears better to my eyes than anything I've seen before. We'll see if it ever reaches "production" volumes though. I rather doubt it.

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