Amphibious Extremo!


Amphicar Expert & Forum Contributor
Back in 2006 I did the now infamous elephant lead-in for
the TV program Animal Planet. Not that I'm that rotund,
but rather Amphi was the star showing off his amphibious
capabilities (sort of like an elephant I guess) and I played
a minor cameo role. :dft003:

Recently, while on business in Buenos Aires, Argentina I
played that Animal Planet clip on my cell for a doctor and
some lab techs. It was a huge laugh and very memorable
experience for them having never seen such a thing. One
of my coworkers emailed me yesterday saying that my Animal
Planet clip was just aired on Argentinean TV in a version
called Animal Planet Extremo! Within hours I received
emails from the doctor and the lab techs who also saw it
all claiming they know the "amphibious extremo guy." :005: