Amphibian wannabe

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Anybody catch that David Blaine character
trying break the world record for holding
his breath? I didn't see it but hear it
was a mess. Dude apparently made it for 7
minutes and 8 seconds, nearly 2 minutes
short of the record of 8 minutes 58 seconds.
Not a bad effort, but the real story in my
opinion is that dude hung out in a big plastic
bubble, underwater, with a breathing apparatus
for one full week. Now as an amphibian myself
I have to marvel at that aspect of his stunt.
I mean consider the amount of skin wrinkling
one gets after just an hour in the hot tub!
Not to mention the difficulty of feeding and
excreting in a bubble fish bowl on public display.
I understand this David Blaine is a master street
magician, so maybe he's not really amphibious
after all. Reckon if I had magic powers I'd be
solving my Amphicar's rust and electrical problems.

So how was the Puddingstone swim-in?

San Diego, CA