Amphi versus Taxes...

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A look out the window and I see clear blue skies,
a slight breeze, and the sun in all its bright glory.
Another perfect day to go Amphi. Looking for
Amphi's keys I stumbled upon a mood altering
item - our 2000 taxes paperwork. Less than a
month to go until taxes are due. Sorry, didn't
mean to ruin your day with that thought, but it
is something to consider. So here I am a grown
man, seemingly mature and wise enough to have
my priorities straight? then Amphi whispers into
my ear "Blow off the taxes and let's go for a swim
you old toad." I then remind Amphi of the old
saying about the certainty of death & taxes, to which
Amphi scoffed and said, "Don't even think about
bringing that tax paperwork onboard." Hence my
dilemma. No doubt you are all aware of Amphi's
incredible persuasiveness in all matters amphibious.
Not to mention his ability to put in perspective life's
richest moments and keep them separate from the
mundane acts of mere human existence. So once
again Amphi wins, I win, Mermaid wins too. Old
Uncle Sam is placed on hold for yet another weekend.
Ironically, I hope it rains once before April 15th.

'64 Turquoise
Sandy Eggo, CA

Steven D. Reich


You seem to be the official Amphicar tax expert. I have a question and you
may be able to help.

As you know, I have recently adopted Amphi twins. Admittedly, they are 37
years old, but they are dependant. Any IRS investigator can come and see
them up on jacks or stands and know that they are disabled (except weekends.
Agents don't work weekends, do they?). Can I take them as a tax deduction?
They both live with me. They would not function without my care and
attention. I spend more on them than I do my unemancipated, college son
(except for tuition which is a bear!). There must be some kind of test that
the IRS uses to see if someone qualifies as a dependant. What do you think?


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