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Took Amphi to the local costume shop for his
annual Halloween costume selection. Amphi
labored over the vast selection of masks and
vacillated on making a final choice for nearly
a hour. Finally the choices were narrowed -
torn between "Aquaman" and "The Creature
From the Black Lagoon." I became impatient
and volunteered to buy both. Then as we were
about to make the purchase... Amphi spied
the ultimate costume, one in which Amphi
felt best depicted the realm of his amphibious
existence in a surrealistic manner. Have to give
Amphi credit on his selection, he really did use
his imagination here. I doubt any other car
has such creative talent as Amphi and I can
only marvel at Amphi's ability to twist what
is expected into the unexpected, to be totally
unprecedented. I could see the wheels turning
the moment Amphi saw the costume and I knew
some modifications would be needed in order
to make Amphi's Halloween 2000 a special
event. So without further delay I labored on
Amphi's costume until 2:00 in the morning,
getting all the plaster shaped, the straps to be
hidden, the white paint applied, and most
importantly the bilge pump plumbing rerouted
for the main effect. A few test squirts later
and we are ready. Amphi has been transformed
into a classic European water fountain sculpture
that has a little boy pissing into a pond, and a
mermaid (not my mermaid) looking on. It's
positively brilliant! Still need to tweek Amphi's
horn to belch out "Trick or Treat," but that's
easy compared to what we've already accomplished.
A fun and safe Halloween to all our Amphi
friends across the land.

`64 Turquoise (temporarily marble white)
San Diego