Amphi Tool


Arnold Hite


I remember getting these same instructions from Huge the first time I
replaced the drive shafts It took me about 10 minutes to figure out that I
didn't own a vice big enough to securely hold the shaft while I drove the
pivot arm off. Even it I went out and bought one, I still wouldn't have a
work table big and heavy enough to hold the assembly while I hammered away.
I ended up using three cinder blocks. By stacking them carefully one can
drop the drive shaft down through the middle and the pivot arm will rest
firmly on the top cider block. Driving the drive shaft out was easy. I've
use this method four times now. Also, don't forget to spin on a big nut on
the drive shaft to protect its threads.

Arnold Hite
Johns Island, SC

nough that they practically cold weld, after they've been together
> awhile, that's why they're so tough to get off. Gordon's doesn't even
> have the tool to pull them in. If you want to, you can make one
> yourself. You'll have to find a specialty screw and bolt place though
> and get a piece of 20mm metric all-thread, a large fender washer, a
> short piece of 1 1/4 inch I.D. pipe (I think even schedule 40 plastic
> would be strong enough) and two or three nuts. The nuts and
> all-thread should be the same thread as the Amphi shafts but if you
> get them in 20mm, you should be fine.
> John Friese

> Does anyone have the tool used to pull the axle shaft thru the arm. I
> it's not a must but I'd like to borrow it if anyones got one.
> Thanks,
> Mike