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    <font FACE="arial,helvetica"><font SIZE="2">The left side of my fairly new white reeboks is pitch black, specially the
    fabric parts.

    Tim Wick

    white 63</font>

    Amphi Toe... I'll bet you thought I meant "Tow."
    No, I was right - I meant Amphi Toe! My left
    little toe is black as night. And over half my shoes
    are black where my left little toe resides. It is a
    phenomenon I finally figured out. Amphi's wheel
    well carpet is black, nearly 40 years old, and is
    like a magic marker when touched. Amazing!
    I believe this could have vast potential in a new
    line of fashion. Imagine the proud statement a
    blackened left toe makes to the world - "I captain
    an Amphicar!" This could be a fad bigger than
    disco, bigger than drive-in movies, hell... bigger
    than oyster shooters! On the other hand it will
    all be a memory once I install my new interior.
    Am I the only one with such dilemmas?

    `64 Turquoise
    San Diego, CA

    PS- To Dr. Smith and others who struggle with
    the un-subscribe concept... YOU FAILED! It's
    that simple a gerbil can do it, but YOU FAILED!
    Maybe you should just stay on board and enjoy
    the ride. And Bilgemaster is right - Dr. Smith's
    best work was on "Lost in Space." Now the poor
    sob is "Lost in Cyberspace."

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