Amphi & the hierarchy of visual stimulus...

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So Amphi & I decide to have some fun with the
next person who doesn't know Amphi can swim.
A quick jaunt to the lake and instantly a roller
girl (actually too heavy to be on roller blades and
was barely able to balance on some old style roller
skates) came over and asked that age old question...
"Does that car really float?"
Amphi giggles while I answer, "Not sure really,
care to take a ride and find out?"
The roller girl smiles and says, "For real?! But
what if we sink?"
Amphi starts to chuckle a little more and I just
respond, "I can swim, how about you?"
Roller girl says, "Yeah I swim okay, but I can't
dive without a weight belt on."
Amphi is roaring with laughter now seeing this
rather heavy set girl climbing into Amphi's side.
The sun was setting so I turned on the headlights
and the navigation lights... a virtual X-mas tree.
I hit the ramp doing about 20 mph and roller girl
lets out a blood curdling scream that makes the
park rangers do a double take, ducks scatter. The
ensuing splash over the windshield created the 2
worst and most extreme opposite ends of the wet
T-shirt contestant spectrum this side of the Colorado
River - Me and Roller Girl were soaked big time!
Amphi is now roaring with laughter. Roller girl
looks at me and I see that the lake water is a tad
colder on her T-shirt than on mine. Amphi some
how manages, between hysterical belly aching
laughter, to whisper to me "hit the high beams."
Alas, it was a short voyage... my mental lease
to Mermaid snapped taught and I immediately
looped us around to emerged to a crowd of
gaping months. For some reason there were
more guys staring at the roller girl than at Amphi.
I guess there is a hierarchy of visual stimulus
where even Amphi can't compete.

`64 Turquoise
San Diego