Amphi & the Hapless Fisherman



Amphi & the Hapless Fisherman

As a child I remember how easy it
was to catch a fish. Of course my
Dad did all the hard work of baiting
the hook, casting into the sweetest
spot in the lake, and 95% of the
heavy duty reeling in of the "big
ones." Reckon I mainly just held
the rod while he netted the catch
into the boat. But I was always
thrilled none the less. Times have
certainly changed. Now, I bait my
own damn hook and always manage
to loose a few worms down between
the seats or into poor Amphi's bilge.
Now, when I cast my rod I'm lucky
if I hit water as I sometimes snag the
backseat or the sun visor or my own
darn shirt. How pathetic! Once and
a great while I'll actually get a bite,
but I'm such a spastic klutz I always
mange to shake loose any fish that
sees the net. I haven't actually ever
caught a fresh water fish since Amphi
and I have teamed up. So I've come
to the conclusion that Amphi must be
in cahoots with the fish. Does this
logic astound you? It's like when
I was drinking lots of margaritas and
got sick of the hangovers, so I switched
to rum & cokes, but still got hangovers.
So again I switched to gin & tonics,
but still got hangovers... I concluded
the ice in my drinks must be causing
the hangovers. And so I must conclude
that it must be my dear Amphi that is now
preventing me from establishing myself
as a world class fisherman. Now that
I realize this, I will Ebay my fishing
pole and tackle box, rid my Amphi of
all traces of that failed venture and
embark on a new Amphi related endeavor...
Info-mercials about the Joys of Bilging.
Wish me luck!
Be well, swim safe.

`64 Turquoise
San Diego, CA