Amphi & the Gothic Duo...

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    Amphi & the Gothic Duo

    Cue up the Adams family theme song... Amphi
    & I picked up a young couple dressed in black
    leather trench coats, Gothic types I presumed,
    some metallic body inserts and various tattoos
    highlighted the black eye liner and jet black
    spiked hair. They looked friendly enough,
    but Amphi had his guard up with this strange
    crew on board. I cued the Nirvana CD and
    we streaked into the lake. The Goths were
    silent, not one word from either of them. Of
    the hundred of rides Amphi & I have shared
    with strangers - this was the strangest so far.
    I didn't notice they brought a picnic basket on
    board. To break the eerie silence I asked the
    obvious, "Got Milk?" The male of the species
    gave me a wide snaggle tooth grin and produced
    an unlabeled dark brown bottle from the picnic
    basket. The female gave a cackling sound like
    a cat that spies a sparrow through the window.
    I drank from the bottle without actually thinking
    what I was doing. Within seconds the toxic
    effect of the Goths potion hit me. I too fell
    silent with a big toothy grin. I don't actually
    remember running out of gas or seeing the
    Goths swim for shore. But I do recall the look
    on Ranger Rick's face when I tried to pour in
    the gallon of petrol and slipped off the hood into
    the water - which was cold enough to freeze the
    balls of a brass monkey. { I've always wanted to
    use that term in one of these postings...} I awoke
    safely in Mermaids arms this morning and thought
    the nightmare was worthy of sharing with my fine
    finned friends.

    `64 Psychedelic
    InSane D-Eggo

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