Amphi & the chosen ones?



Amphi & the chosen ones?

It wasn't that long ago,
thinking back to my pre-
amphibious existence, that
I discovered what in the
general population was
eating us. Not entirely
devoid of it myself, but
noticing its prevalence in
others became as annoying
as a room filled with
flickering florescent
lights. Everywhere I
turned I could see it in
their eyes, feel it in
their touch, and even
smell it in the air.
It is "STRESS" my fine
finned friends that have
them all at each others
throats and given the
current state of evolution
there is but little hope
for these land locked
masses. Lying, cheating,
stealing has become sport
and competition the only
way of life. The final act
will be the realization that
nothing anyone says is true;
at best it is only what they
believe will help them gain
an advantage.

It is my belief that the
absence of a non-side effect
stress reliever may, in fact,
be the down fall of the human
race. Countless millions of
people go their entire lives
strung tight like harps immersed
in day-to-day battles, sub-
consciously waiting and wanting
the final big sleep. Many
consume various substances to
ease their stress only to find
the side effects of these very
substances eventually consume
them. If this scenario holds true,
then only we amphibians will be
left to carry on the genetic seed.
I predict that Amphi and the
amphibious way of life will save
us from the fate of our fellow man.
Thankfully we have the ability to
drive and swim in our Amphicars -
that which washes away the stress
of life and cleanses our souls.
We alone will be the caretakers of
the human genetic code and will
undoubtedly inherit the earth and
its water ways. Ours may seem a
terrific burden, but alas, we can
always go for a swim and spread the
smiles of Amphi wherever we go.
Yes, my amphibious amigos, we are the chosen ones?

'64 Turquoise
San Diego, CA