Amphi & the Bare Butt Thong Bikini Babes



Glorious high 75+ degree Sunday on the big
lake (San Vicente). Joined by Steve & Connie
in one of there red `64 Amphis. Big island in
middle of lake interfered with walkie-talkies.
Lost red Amphi rounding the island, then
heard someone screaming, "AMPHIPODA,
Rear view mirror showed bright red Coke
shirt waving frantically on a fishing boat.
It was Ralph, from Atlanta, who somehow
managed to bum a ride and track me down.
Boat to Amphi Ralph transfer completed,
we did several beach landings and puttered
around massive lake. Too much to explore
in 3 hours, must return soon to identify all
the sweet spots, beaches, and bare butt
thong bikini babe hangouts. Mermaid wife
should have joined me, keep me focused
on navigation rather than imagination.
Amphi posed for photos over 30 times for
boats on the water and ranger staff. Amphi
was so proud. Stopped by old fishing dude
on dock who claims to have 2/3 of an Amphi
in his backyard, (rear 1/3 cut off and gone).
He lives in Arizona, too far for me to explore
but I will pass the address along to anyone
interested - off list please. Hope to get a
chrome eyebrow and radio out of the deal.

`64 Turquoise
San Diego, CA

Hello! Mark from Mich. here. I have a problem with my 62 shifting into1st or
reverse. What happens is it will pop out of gear in either one or the other
depending on which detent I set the shift knuckel in on the shift rod . Iam
not getting enough throw from the shift lever. does anyone want to sell a
good shift leveror trade . I do have a radio and speaker if interested. Its
still pretty cold here still about a month from our first swim. Thank you for
any assistance. Mark Amsdill

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My amphicar pops out of first gear, I believe the problem is caused by the
transmission mounts at the front of the transmission. You might want to check
those first.
Tim Wick
white 63

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Dear Tim, I got new mounts and put in a newer trans . and it still does it .
I think this might solve the problem. I think I need more throw in the
shifter. Ill let you know . thanks for the info. Mark

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