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<font face="Arial" size="2">Well, I got the car out of the garage and took it over to have the alignment checked and to my surprise it was dead on after replacing king pins and bushings. After a reset of tire pressure and setting gaps on points, plugs timing and carb adjustments, we went for a ride down the highway. I had it up to 65mph and all was good with 3 aboard. It is still a little squirrelly with only me in it, so a check of steering box while cranking on wheel revealed alot of side to side movement. Everybody should try this. I am in the process of making a bracket to stabilize it at the top, which should help. Also, the rear axle nut is next in my sights for some super tightening (after getting a new nyloc one).</font>
<font face="Arial" size="2">At least I am making progress, but it is clear that my wandering problem was not caused by only one thing. Happy motoring!</font>
<font face="Arial" size="2">Mark</font>

<font FACE="arial,helvetica"><font SIZE="3" FAMILY="SERIF" FACE="Calisto MT" LANG="0">Mark, We just reinforced the White 64 - Snappy's steering box last week.
First we disconnected the ball joints that connect to control arm, then we
removed the gas tank, unbolted the steering box, disconnected the horn,
removed the bolt that attaches the universal to the column, unbolted the
rubber seal and lifted the steering box completely out. Then we welded all
the cracks and we completely welded the bracket to the car itself, it was
only partly welded at the factory. We made a very simple brace, a 1"x5"long
1/4" thick flat bar. We placed it on the side of the bracket next to the
master cylinder. Welded it 5" to the bracket and 1" to the frame. That baby
is stiff now. When you do your reinforcement check the clearance of the
clutch and brake peddles. Also check the oil level in the steering box and
adjust out the little bit of end play that will probably be present.

Tommy in Tampa</font>