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I'll attest to Mark's squirrelly Amphi on that
rainy night in Celina. Of course Mark neglected
to tell everyone that he still had his propellers
engaged whilst we went roaring down those
rain slicked roads in 4th gear with our combined
blood alcohol level approaching the swing voter
turnout in Florida.

Oh yeah... I do recall that night and that particular
little jaunt, but really can't say if the spinning
propellers actually helped us go any faster. If
memory servers - it was pretty darn noisy as the
poor water tranny struggled to keep up with the
land tranny. If anything, it proves the little red
"Water Tranny Engaged" light could be replaced
with a combination decibel/breathalyzer meter.

Perhaps we should try an differentiate between
the various types of Amphi sway. Obviously we
need to understand what actually sways an Amphi.
I too wrestled with my Amphi wanting to sway all
over the place. It was very frustrating not fully
comprehending Amphi's intentions and motives.
So I carefully studied Amphi under various highly
controlled conditions to try and catagorize which
specific instances caused Amphi to sway. The
forward sway from the front vs the forward sway
from the rear. What influences these sways and
does your Amphi sway to the left or does your
Amphi vote conservative and sway to the right?
I hope all you swaying Amphi owners get your
Amphis under control and teach them how to
understand those darn butterfly ballots. And
above all... make sure your Amphi understands
that every vote counts or recounts as the case
may be.

`64 Turquoise
San Diego