Amphi Stranded.........for a minute

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<font face="Arial" size="2">Well, I just got back from a nice fishing trip in my Amphi. Had cold soda & hot worms and stopped the engine off a rocky point to do some casting. Got a couple nibbles as the waves pushed me closer to the jagged shoreline. Decided to start her up and back off a bit, and No starter noise. Turned off radio to save battery and continued to fish. Try it again........nothing. Now a couple feet from rocks when a couple of Amphi viewers happen by to look at the car. Waved them over and took a line to get pulled away from shore. Seems this fellow has a chrome plating business and did an Amphi bumper for someone in Ohio. Started the humiliating process of being towed back home wondering what I would do when I got to shore, so I opened the engine lid and started beating on the starter with a paddle thinking it had a dead or flat spot in it. Hopped back in the cockpit and it fired up with one twist of the key. Undid the rope and cruised up to the ski boat and had a chat with the rescue team. The whole thing lasted only 15 minutes and I pointed the nose for safer shores. Back in the garage a little wet and ashamed of its actions, Amphi sits water spotted and makes a small puddle on the floor to mark the occasion. Bad Amphi! </font>