Amphi Spare and Jack


Now that winter swimming season is here, I'm finally back on Amphis for a while. It was 102 here yesterday and 100 today but will finally get nicer this week and stay thay way until dreaded May! I have a birthday coming up and Brenda wants to get me something I "need". My white '64 came without a spare tire or jack and I'd love to have "correct" replacements in a single deal. The wheels are red but that is less important since the car has full wheel coverage. Currently it has tires with the skinny 1" whitewall. The ideal situation would be to list it on eBay so she could grab it. I'm at should someone wish to offer a sale. Thanks!

Canadian four amphs

Amphicar Expert
BOTH ITEMS are very hard to find for Amphicars,
I did have used Jacks but were sold Last month, I still have a smaller version that will work but not the correct handle for$75
Tire rims. I did have a few that would be Ok for Spares, but again sold most last month
I may have a real good rim still for $135.00, Shipping would be a bit expensive.
Hugh has a replacement rim that will bolt on but is not Amphicar at all.
and 1980s Ford Ranger rim pattern is close . and Dan in Fl., has them on his car but I do not know how he modified them to work.
I do NOT use ebay, and if anybody is looking for parts they best just email me at my NEW email.
I have a new Price list avall. of line email me if you need it. Working on getting web site back up.

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