Amphi Sighting in Washington, D.C.


Bill Connelly

A friend of mine here at work tells me that he saw a "light green Amphicar"
crossing over the Key Bridge from Washington, D.C. into Arlington, Virginia
this past Saturday. He must have gotten a pretty good look at it because he
was able to at least discern that I wasn't at the wheel. So who was it?

Since Brendan O. had to sell his beautiful and sporty red ride last year to
make the down payment nut on a new house I thought I was pretty much the
sole Amphi owner anywhere along the mighty Potomac. There's certainly nobody
listed in the Club's Membership Directory, but I surely would appreciate
knowing of any potential BBQ & swimming buddies hereabouts!

Of course, it's always possible that my friend, not being an Amphi owner
himself, may have confused a Metro with an Amphi or something like that, but
if he made no mistake and it WAS you tooling around DC last weekend, then do
drop me a line "offlist":