Amphi service


Robert Vondracek

The Not So Big Trailer Company offers both open and closed Amphicar
trailers (economical delivery service is available. Ask Arnold and Sharon
Hite; I delivered their trailer to them in North Carolina. They hooked it up
and proceeded to purchase and load a
Christmas tree on it before heading home). I can also modify my "small and
light" Amphi trailer to carry other small cars when you want to haul
something else like your sports car or even your Isetta.

We also offer numerous Amphicar products such as the Steering Brace (reduced
price), Swimming Steps,
Restored Drive Shafts with replaceable u-joints, Engine Dipsticks, Tranny
Dipstick Kits, Magnetized Drain Plugs, Too Easy to Remove and Replace Land
Tranny Drain Plug, Dessert Environment Amphicar Parking Capsule, Wheel
Chocks, Amphicar Drainage Ramps, Flag Support for the Stern Light, PVC Bilge
Plug Kit, Rear Pull Kit.

And don't forget, if you paid the old price for the steering brace, you can
apply the difference ($15) to a new purchase. Also a 5% extra discount (not
applicable to the shipping cost) for orders of more than one item.

Next is a Stainless Steel Brake Cable, Stainless Exhaust Pipe with multiple
set screws, and the Easy-to-Weld-in Land-tranny Drain Access Plug.

I also offer complete Amphicar mechanical and restoration services. I have
been a European car enthusiast for over 30 years and have owned Amphis for
over 15. I am skilled and knowledgeable on mechanicals, and my
rocket-scientist mechanic, who was the service manager of a car dealership,
works unbelievably fast (he is even a bit faster than me), has exceptional
judgment, and is very economical. He has worked directly for me on all my
cars including all of my Amphicars over the last 10 years.

I also have a connection with an excellent one-man body shop.

Our work is excellent; I will provide a list with phone number.

I'll also will pick-up and deliver your car economically.

Quality and price matter to me!

Not So Big Trailer Company, LLC
Rob "Still Alive" Vondracek
1003 Woodcrest Court
Valparaiso, IN 46383 219-405-1241

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