Amphi service tips.


wayne miller

Problem: Hard starting, hot.

Make a habit of shutting off a hot engine, then
push the accelerator to the floor, pull out the
hand throttle and lock it. This lets the fumes
evaporate out the air cleaner. When you come
back and restart, leave the throttle locked
until the engine starts, then quickly release
it. If you forget, it will remind you and it
won't take too many times to remember. (even
FIDO learns that quickly).

Problem: Starter motor quits.

Reach down to the starter with your car jack
handle and gently raps the side of the starter
at the brush end. The brushes will wake up and
make contact again.

Problem: You can't get the bilge blower to shut
off and NOTHING else WORKS.

Corrosion between the control relay and the
frame, up in the top of the left front fender.
The lost ground between the 2 surfaces won't let
the relay drop (pull) so you can't start the
engine. Dismount relay, clean up corrosion. Add
a dab of light grease and reassemble. YOU MIGHT
WANT TO DO THIS BEFORE you have trouble. This
will surely let you down when you are afloat
(like mine did!!).

Problem: Pinhole leaks (usually due to rust in a
thin metal area where the nmetal was stamped).

Clean around the area and dab on a small dab of
Sportmans GOOP. SHOO GOO is great but not
sunlight resistant. (This is probably OK if you
always keep the shiney side of your Amphi UP!).

Problem: Dents in the engine hood and trunk lid.

I can't help you if you already have these.
However, you can easily prevent them by allowing
NO ELBOWS or KNEES on any surface. You will
quickly learn that Amphi metal is soft and
easily dimpled.

More to follow......

Wayne A. Miller