Amphi sellers remorse


David Derer

I think we all go through points where selling off Amphi looks
tempting. When Amphi is in rough shape you question if it is worth
sinking the time and money into fixing. When she is in perfect shape you
start looking at those crazy auction prices and thinking that you could
pay off a big chunk of the mortgage.

It made absolute sense last year to sell BW2. It was sold but deal fell
through. The day before News Year, I am in river loving every minute of
it. This Year Mike allowed Me to ignore his car to get red 66 done for
Barrett. My promise was I would not work on BW2 till his car was done.
So there sat BW2 ,trans was in New Jersey, engine was in another car.
Weather was getting better. My painter had three days with nuthin' to
do. So now most of BW2 has new paint. Yup dents from Kamakazi, Capn John
and Water Nazis are mostly gone. Young Son's put in iffy trans and
nearly done 1300. Not ready for Fathers Day but the Boys have been
working hard on it. So moral of story-Yea I would have regretted selling
BW2.Later Dave the Wave