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Hello Gang:

My Amphicar has been delivered from Canada and I have successfully
negotiated the glazed eyed clerks of the Department of Motor
Vehicles. I have visited my local marine supply store and I believe
that I am now Coast Guard approved.

The final step:

Does anyone have any advice about installing lap belts in the front
and rear seats for road driving? I would feel better if my two small
kids (and myself) were strapped in while on the road.

Thanks for any advice -- serious advice, that is!

Ed Howard
Orange County, CA
64 Red was white

Steven D. Reich


On: Thu, 11 Oct 2001 04:24:32, asked about amphi seat

Last January I installed front belts. Got the beam (12-41-41) and assorted
hardware from Gordon at $235 including taxes and shipping, seat belts from
Pep Boys at $32, and welding of the beam for about $40. The only other
things needed were to paint the beam with antirust spray paint and to cut
holes in the floor for the eye bolts to appear. I decided not to do rear


'64 red (CA: AMPHICR)
'64 red (CA: I SWIM 2)
Del Mar, CA