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    Since the debates are still fresh in our minds...

    And the November election is rapidly approaching -
    Have you decided for whom to vote for in the
    election? Are you at all swayed by polling
    results, the media blitz, or party lines? Does
    the prospect of status quo fill you with dread
    or delight? I believe Amphi unity is the key
    to resolving these important questions.

    Perhaps we Amphicar owners should consider
    voting as one entity, similar to other highly
    unified organizations & causes, to gain clout
    in the eyes of the political candidates. We as
    Amphicar owners have the need to be heard,
    need for respect and a voice in the political
    system. No doubt our club dues, AMSOil &
    Calendar proceeds could be converted into
    "soft money," to in effect, lubricate our cause.
    To this end I have enlisted an individual to be
    our spokesman, our lobbyist in the hollowed
    halls of the political system. An individual of
    incredible talent and who can hold his breath
    for up to an hour... I give you the distinguished
    Professor Lungfish, himself an avid amphibian
    and someone who deeply believes in our beliefs...

    "Thank you Amphipoda, thank you all. Let me
    first say that many other Amphibians have joined
    our cause and there are some big names among
    them. We have contributions pouring in from
    Turtles, Frogs, Salamanders, and Newts. Even
    those outside our Amphibian party are getting
    involved - Ducks, Beavers, and even the elusive
    Platypus have offered some support. My friends
    and fellow Amphibians we are poised to make a
    significant impact in the November election. We
    must remain unified in our cause and beliefs.
    We must have one foot in the water, one upon
    the land, and one voice to express both views.
    Next week I will venture to Washington, then
    follow the campaign trails to uncover which
    candidate best represents our beliefs, which
    candidate will be sympathetic to our concerns
    and true to our cause. As the election draws
    near, I will announce which candidate is Pro-
    Amphi and which candidates are not. Thank you
    everyone and please continue to forward your
    questions, comments, concerns, and PAC money
    to Amphipoda."

    '64 Turq.
    San Diego

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