Amphi Police

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  1. Seeing warren great story about Dave avoiding the police brings back
    a memory for when I was just trying Amphi out in the good old days.
    I was down at Ceasers Creek Lake and was putting around posing for
    pictures in the water when I noticed a water police cruiser on the
    shore around 100 feet away. Me not having any boat registration
    numbers or License started the Oh Sh** routine and started heading
    out. So out past the beach I go and guess who is there watching me I
    keep going knowing that his radio is calling the patrol boat as we
    Race :cool: past the Jet ski ramp guess who is sitting there watching so
    I dart around the cove and head up the boat ramp a few miles down
    shore Just when I think I have made it this cruiser comes flying in
    around 50 miles an hour He throws it into park and jumps out in full
    uniform and just my luck he is a leutenant as he approches the car
    and I have my best amphi grin on he goes CAN I HAVE A RIDE.

    Sure so I let him in throw the wife in the parking lot and we go
    swimming he was so excited he lets me park in the Water Police
    Parking only spot at the ramps.

    So Dave you may have missed an opportunity


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