Amphi Passenger Appreciation

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In an effort to promote Amphicar passenger
appreciation the following notation could be
provided as both an informative novelty and
a keepsake reminder.

Congratulations! You have just participated
in an evolutionary quantum leap from a mere
land locked loser, who couldn't hit his/her own
arse with a handful of gravel, to the now semi-
evolved Amphi Wannabe. The fact that you
didn't panic, open the door, or jump out is
testimony of your amphibious potential. Your
body will, within a matter of weeks, begin to
alter itself toward a more perfect being. Gill
slits will appear in your neck, webbing will
grow between your fingers and toes, and fin
like protrusions will sprout from your spine.
Always try to remember these are all positive
manifestations resulting from your Amphicar
experience. The secret savings account you
will start is also due to your new found devotion
to Amphi, and so is your profound lust for
mermaids. All these changes will ultimately
make you a better person, however true nirvana
cannot be obtained until you actually own your
very own Amphicar. Only then can you offer
to help transform other less fortunate creatures
into highly evolved amphibians. Once you have
fulfilled your destiny and passed this card on to
others, in the spirit of Amphicar ownership, only
then will you achieve the status of Amphicar
Ambassador. Until then - Swim along, but don't
swim alone.

Had I the space in the newsletter... the above
would have been included.

`64 Turquoise
Sandy Eggo, CA