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Hi all.

I've been interested in the Amphicar ever since Bob Cummings? spashed his in the opening to his TV series every week. Wasn't that about 100 years ago?

Somewhere around 5 years ago we had a family reunion at Lake Geneva, WI at the same time an Amphicar group was there. I was able to talk to quite a few owners as quite a few were staying at our same hotel/rental condo. I remember them taking off to Williams Bay and also seeing a group at Skinney's Tavern on the South side of the lake.

Almost 3 years ago I moved to Sherwood, WI which is on the NE shores of Lake Winnebago and next to High Cliff State Park. About a block from my house is the old boat launch which would be a great place to splash into the lake.

My questions are: Have any of you ever gone for a swim on Lake Winnebago and how was it? I know even though its a large lake it's pretty shallow and if the wind kicks up you can get some pretty good white caps. Does the Amphicar handle rough water well? Could an Amphicar swim down to Fond du Lac, about 25 miles? Many boats go over to the sandbar at Waverly beach and hang out. How long would an Amphicar be able to float like this while not being underway? Waverly also has a boat launch so would I be better off just getting out of the water?

I've gotten to know quite a few of the farmers in the area and they all seem to remember an Amphi sitting in a barn somewhere but nobody has yet to come up with a location. I keep trying. I thought there might be quite a few of them around here but it doesn't seem to be the case.

Enough for now and thanks for any info you might be able to pass on. As you can tell I'm a newbie but very interested.


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Welcome to the forums.

Amphis are remarkably seaworthy. They have crossed the English channel during a storm and made some other journeys of questionable sanity. That said, as with any small boat, being in rough water is not a whole lot of fun.

You could easily join the "Redneck Yacht Club" and float happily for hours. Some Amphis take on no water, most take on just a little bit that can be easily remedied by the bilge pump. If you take on lots of water something is not right.

Prices have gone up remarkably in the past few years but seem to have settled as the economy tanks. There are 2 at Barrett Jackson right now, should be interesting to see how they do. I have not seen the Amphi Gord Souter just listed but that sounds like a good deal for someone who wants a project that is not a complete basket case.

Feel free to keep asking questions.

Mike I.

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The barn car is no longer there - of course it could be another one. But the one right around there was put together last year. Take a look at green car currently on Ebay. It is at Lake Geneva. The guy who owns it is decent and would be helpful to You. Lake Geneva's Classic car weekend has been a personal favorite to attend. Later Dave the Wave


Thanks much. It's a new interest for me. Been riding motorcycles all my life but almost got knocked down about 5 times this last Summer usually by some young woman with a cell in her ear, talking at warp speed and possessing a "zombie like stare" while she's motoring down the highway. With Lake Winnebago and all the connecting lakes and rivers it might be a more relaxing hobby plus I've still got all my Wentworth tools from when I owned a 57 Triumph T110 motorcycle.
Hi Bill,

Lake Winnebago? Yep, live just south of you on same side of the lake in St. Peter. Launch from fishermans road or Columbia park in Pipe. Lake is all white and hard right now, so swimming will have to wait. Give me a shout and we can chat amongst ourselves.
Mark Richardson (in Fond du Lac during the day) 920-929-6259 Home: 920-922-0848.