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    > Gord Souter writes about using sunvisors off of an " 80'S CHY.OMNIE." What is
    > p.s. Gord, what's a 80's CHY.OMNIE?
    Are y'all poking fun? I took it to mean "Chrysler Omni," more properly
    Dodge Omni, aka Plymouth Horizon.

    Random footnotes: The Omni/Horizon (1978-90), looks like a ripoff of
    the VW Rabbit (intro. 1975?), but it was actually based on the Simca
    1100 and debuted in Europe as the Chrysler Horizon (1977). (See Strictly from a styling
    viewpoint, both the Rabbit and the Omni/Horizon seem to me to copy the
    AMC Gremlin (1970-78).

    None of those other cars float ... at least not for very long ... and
    even then, only once.

    Paul Dwyer
    1968 Rambler American
    1967 Amphi (Phyl's)

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